Carol Freeman, Chairman

In 1977, my husband and I adopted a shaggy puppy from the Iowa City pound. “Snafu” had been given up at six months for being “too active.” His mother was a “purebred Bearded Collie” — whatever that was.

After Snafu died at fifteen, I met Chris Walkowicz, and soon after, my first Bearded Collie puppy. I have two Beardies right now, Marley and Rasta. I have tried conformation, herding, agility, and rally. My dogs have titles in all of those venues, some because other people took pity on me and helped me, and some because there are great mentors and teachers in this community.

I’m a retired lawyer, happy to be away from the courtroom and grateful that I no longer have to crate my dogs all day and then try to run off their boundless energy at night. My husband recently retired, too. We are planning our next adventure in our motor home.

I have spent much of my volunteer life as a member of non-profit Boards. I have served as Board Chair for HELP Legal Aid, Family Resources, the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers, the Trustees of my church, Rivermont School, and the BCCA Charitable Trust. Most of those positions involved budget planning and fundraising — no one’s favorite tasks. My dogs led me to volunteer for Scott County Kennel Club (past president), the Chicagoland Bearded Collie Club (past president and past show chair), and the BCCA (past Recording Secretary). I am a current member of the Great Plains Bearded Collie Club and of Scott County Kennel Club.

While I was serving as Chair of the Trustees at my church, an elderly member died. The office manager was astounded when a check for over $700,000 arrived in the mail. (That’s several times our annual budget.) The gift was to be used for scholarships for our members — teens planning for college, men and women looking for a midlife change, parents ready to finally finish an interrupted degree — anyone interested in more education. For the last eight years, we have awarded a scholarship to every applicant. This year, using only the modest interest from this generous gift, we were able to help sixteen members attend college or graduate school. A single gift can change many lives.

I believe in the Trust and the legacy it will leave for future Beardies.

Carol Freeman
2922 15th Avenue
Moline IL 61265
309 762 7894