Information — Grant Information and Applications


  • Support Canine medical research with an emphasis on health issue s that affect Bearded Collies;
  • Foster and promote the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of neglected or abandoned Bearded Collies;
  • Promote education on the proper care, treatment, breeding , health, development and training of Bearded Collies;
  • Foster and promote the public’s knowledge and appreciation of dogs in general and Bearded Collies in particular.

Three Questions the BCCA Charitable Trust Asks

  • Is the request pertinent to the BCCA Charitable Trust purposes?
  • Is the group creditable (giving evidence of outside financial support, best accounting and operating practices, successful with its mission, longevity, references, etc)?
  • Does the BCCA Charitable Trust have the money?

What the BCCA Charitable Trust does fund (but is not limited to)

  • Jump starting well defined, fund raising projects for education, health or rescue
  • Public education projects with a specific focus
  • Expansion plans that increase a group’s effectiveness
  • Emergency funds for natural disaster events
  • Peer review canine medical research studies
  • Medical expenses for rescued dogs

What the BCCA Charitable Trust does not fund

  • General operating expenses for any group or individual
  • Debt reduction
  • Wages or other financial enrichment of individuals or groups (except medical research studies)
  • Endowment funds
  • Grant requests from groups or individuals that show little or no other funding sources besides the BCCA Charitable Trust
  • Purchases at puppy mill auctions

What the BCCA Charitable Trust requires

  • Completed BCCA Charitable Trust application form
  • Grant money to be used for the stipulated purposes
  • Report(s) on the use of the grant, its effectiveness for the group. Specific reporting requirements will be set for each grant. There will always be a final report. Interim reports may be required.
  • Acknowledgement of the BCCA Charitable Trust grant in appropriate grantee publicity

If you would like to submit a grant application, please contact:

Carol Sirrine
Secretary, BCCA Charitable Trust
5652 Clinton Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Or contact her at 612-866-9014 or